The secret key to success is a mixture of innovation, creativity, vision and a sense of daring.

We at PITANGO CAPITAL GROUP believe that all of the above exist in our company.

The PITANGO CAPITAL GROUP team has acquired years of experience operating leading attractions, gift stands, food stands, and vending machines that cater to varied target audiences, bringing fun to masses and upgrading the value proposition of malls, parks and recreational facilities.

From its conception twenty six years ago (formerly Tal Gal), Pitango accumulated unparalleled construction and operation experience in the amusement attraction industry, both in Israel and the US.

The company’s business strategy is based  on providing a full  turnkey solution from A to  Z, including initiation of projects, construction, operation, as well as providing technical service and support to ascertain ongoing activity of the highest standard.

We invite you to be a part of our success, and upgrade your business!

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Typhoon Motion – Our Newest Advanced Ride                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PLAY VIDEO

Three-dimensional simulator

  1. Ideal for any environment – attracts children, youth, adults, boys and girls
  2. Wide padded chairs
  3. Huge LCD screen
  4. The system produces a different vibration movements – movements up to 400 minutes!
  5. Three-dimensional sense of movement and realistic – including wind effect!
  6. A selection of three-dimensional action clips – plunging roller coaster ride … a fantasy world …  high-speed racing machine …
  7. Real feel and response is always – pure pleasure and fun!
  8. An amazing experience of three-dimensional effects
  9. Acceleration to G2 force
  10. Wide selection of experiential videos

Typhoon Motion – The system of the future – with you today!



                                                                                                      PLAY VIDEO

Slingshot™ – a Once in a Lifetime Experienceeilat sling

This innovative Slingshot™ amusement device is by far one the most exciting vertical amusement rides available today. Slingshot™ passengers are propelled over 100 metres at speeds in the region of 160 kilometers per hour.

The Slingshot™ machine does not utilize rubber ropes or bungee cords but is powered by a patented spring propulsion device incorporating up to 720 specially designed springs.

The Slingshot™ can be custom designed to cause minimal disruption to existing venues. This includes tower designs that consume a few square metres of land and use elevated gondola loading platforms where space is at a premium.

For the ultimate thrill ride Funtime have Slingshot™ designs able to propel the passenger capsule more than 150 metres!!